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The school newsletters are published fortnightly, and will be sent to you on MCAS, as well as being available here.

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Term dates


Term 1

Inset days: 1 and 4 September 2023
 5 September 2023
Finish: 20 October 2023

Term 2

Start: 30 October 2023
Finish: 15 December 2023

Term 3

Inset day: 2 January 2024
3 January 2024
Finish: 9 February 2024

Term 4

Inset: 19 February 2024
20 February 2024
27 March 2024
Inset day: 
28 March 2024

Term 5

Start: 15 April 2024
Finish: 24 May 2024

Term 6

Start: 3 June 2024
Inset days: 28 June 2024 and 8 July 2024
Finish: 23 July 2024

Printable version of the term dates 2023/24 (Pdf)



Term 1

Inset days: 2 and 3 September 2024
 4 September 2024
Ends: 25 October 2024

Term 2

Start: 4 November 2024
Inset day:
 22 November 2024
20 December 2024

Term 3

Start: 6 January 2025
Inset day:
 24 January 2025
14 February 2025

Term 4

Starts: 24 February 2025
Ends: 4 April 2025

Term 5

Starts: 22 April 2025
Ends: 23 May 2025

Term 6

Start: 2 June 2025
Inset day: 4 July 2025
Finish: 18 July 2025
Inset days: 21 and 22 July 2025

Printable version of the term dates 2024/25 (Pdf)


School policy and ordering links

Please refer to our uniform policy.

If you require further information please contact the school office.

Emergency closure

Parents will be sent a text message by 7:45 a.m. (or earlier if feasible) via our texting service to notify them of any school closures.

School catering service

Welcome to Zest our in-house catering service

Zest is proud to say it serves great homemade food using fresh, healthy, local ingredients at an affordable price for pupils and staff to enjoy.



If you are intending to apply for a place at our school then you may be interested to read our admissions arrangements below.

More information :

For more information please see the Bath and North East Somerset Council's website.

Futura Newsletters

Please click the links below to read the Futura newsletters.

Photo and video consent

General principles for student images and video recording

Student photos and video recordings may be used for identification purposes and evidencing educational development. Such data will not be shared unless the law requires us to do so, or specific consent has been provided by the parent/carer.

Videos may be taken of lessons to support staff development; these may be seen by other teachers in school for staff training.

Where video or sound recording is required as part of an exam course for moderation purposes, such as drama, dance, music and PE, consent is not required other than opting to choose to study the course.

Parents / carers are welcome to take videos and photos of their children at school events for their own personal use. However, to respect everyone’s privacy rights and in some cases protection, these images must not be published or made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents / carers comment on any activities involving other students in the images / footage. Websites and social media can be viewed throughout the world, not just in the United Kingdom, where UK law applies. When images are posted on the internet, it is not possible to prevent others from reposting them.

Futura Schools use third party school photographers. These third parties come into school to take pictures of students (and their siblings) and pass the images back to the school. Proofs are distributed to parents/carers by the school. Parents/carers wishing to purchase images, do so by direct payment to the photographer. Schools are able to provide information on the specific photographer used in each school and direct parents/carers to their photographer’s own data protection policy.

Additional and specific consent for use by external agencies/companies may be sought.

For further information about how students’ personal information is collected and managed, please refer to the privacy notice on the trust website.

Parental consent

Parents provide consent for publication of their child’s image through the Parental Consents section of the My Child At School parent portal, or by contacting the school. Parental consent falls into two broad categories: School News/Events and Promotional Material.

Parental consent - school news and events

By consenting to ‘School News and Events’, parents/carers give consent to the following:

  • Images may be used in the school newsletters and information bulletins. These publications may be printed or published on-line via the school’s website. School websites do not have restricted access.
  • Images or video footage may be used on school social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp and Instagram. Note: social media accounts may not be closed groups.
  • Students’ full names will not be shown alongside any published image.
  • If parents do not want their child’s image to be shown on any of the aforementioned social media sites, they should withdraw consent for this category. It is not possible for the school to differentiate between permission granted for certain social media platforms (e.g. Facebook) but not others (e.g. Twitter).

Parental consent - promotional material

By consenting to ‘promotional material’, parents/carers give consent to the following:

  • Images may be used in the school on activity boards, screens or reception area for promotional purpose. Note: this is separate to our statutory obligation to display work around the school, which may contain personal information; schools do not require consent to do this.
  • Images or video footage may be used on the school website for publicity purposes.
  • Images may be used in printed materials such as the school prospectus.
  • Images or video footage may be used in the media (local / national press). Student’s names will only be published in exceptional circumstances, and with parent/carer permission. 
  • Unless parents/carers give express consent, students’ full names will not be shown alongside any published image.
  • If parents do not want their child’s image to be used for specific purposes (e.g. prospectus, but not media), consent should be withdrawn. It is not possible for the school to differentiate between permission granted for certain promotional material but not others.

Parents/carers can withdraw consent at any time either through the Bromcom MCAS account or by contacting the school.

Online payments

MCAS: your portal to access your child's information

Our communication system is called My Child at School (MCAS). This system is designed to give you full picture of your child including personal details and attendance and features a payments portal.

How to set up your account

The school has emailed you an invitation with a code and a link for setting up your account. When you have these, simply follow the steps in this short guide.


School policy information

St John's Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA (officially known as St John's School Association) is open to parents, carers, staff and governors who are interested in the welfare of the children and their school.

We hold a number of fund-raising events throughout the year and meet every couple of months to plan and discuss events.  We are always open to new members and anyone can join our meetings.

If you do not wish to join the PTA you can still support us by helping out at our fundraising events.

If you wish to be involved or find out more, please leave your contact details with the school office.


If you’re planning on shopping online, please register and shop with Easyfundraising. You’ll be helping to raise funds at no extra cost to you – it’s fundraising for free with thousands of retailers are included. To sign up to Easyfundraising you can register here.

Financial summary

Colour Run

Frequently Asked Questions


Music tuition

Music plays a big role in the life of St John's.

We are pleased to offer our pupils the opportunity to learn a variety of muical instruments during their time at the school.

Currently, we have teachers visiting the school who teach:

  • Flute
  • Violin


Please contact the office for further information.